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Longtime pet lover, Sue transformed her passion for animals into a full-time career by entering the grooming field.  With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Sue's worked with a wide range of dogs and cat across most breeds.  

We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

As knowledgeable Pet Groomers, we offer a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, we can tailor our service list to make sure they get all the attention they deserve.


Grooming services go beyond just how your pet looks. It's much more than just a bath and cut. All full-grooming treatments include ear cleaning, nail trimming, and safe hand drying to minimize shedding and dander

Hypo-Allegeric  Services

Our product line includes options for pets with sensitive skin or allergies.  Options include oatmeal baths and fragrance-free shampoos.  All baths include your choice of shampoo based on  pet's need

Caring and Safe Environment

Our facility is well equipped to ensure the safety and comfort of your pets.  Prior to and post grooming treatments, we have a quiet room with spacious holding cages.  The quiet room allows animals to rest away from the noise of dryers to reduce anxiety. 

To help provide additional safety and comfort, we ask all pets  are leashed when on-premises and you plan to leave your pet for the minimal amount of time

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